The 24th of April is just one day , its a day like no other day for the simple fact that each day is different. There are 365 days every year and one person in every 365 is born on this day , sadly one person in 365 also dies on this day.. People get married , divorced , murdered , start new job , get fired , eat , drink and be merry on this day.

This site is offering a snap shot of just one day , thoughts , photos , articles , news and comments. I have included details in so called celebrities as well as obituaries on random people plus and extra feature on the Armenian Genocide issues dating back to 1915.

I hope you enjoy the randomness of the information here , its all connected back to the 24th of April but that’s the only tie. If you have any comments or would like to have your article / video¬†/ image¬†published please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help out where possible. Fell free to click below or on the links to the left to go to the sections you wish to look at. Thanks for stopping by……..

Vladimir Komarov Hubble armenian-genocide Barbra Streisand William Shakespear



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